Power Couple

Currently in Pre-Production

Frank and Greg , an affluent couple, tend to control the things around them by using their influence. Looking for funding, locations, and cast. Current cast: Robert Alex, Trevor LaPaglia, Kassady Wiggins, and Joseph Dowd. Whiskey Darlings Productions / Arodon Entertainment Check out Become Mafia Website for more info on how you can become mafia.


Executive Producers: Scott Lewallen Robert Alex Producers: Trevor LaPaglia Tony Mercado Associate Producer: Joseph Dowd Directed by Trevor LaPaglia Director of Cinematography: Zachary Theissen Written by Robert Alex Edited by Robert Alex and Trevor LaPaglia Production Assistant Leanne K. Smith Special Effects David Production Design Consultant Lauren Abiuoness Wardrobe Consultant Kristina Mercado Cast: Robert Alex Vanessa C. Morgan Collin McShane Casey Ruggieri A Man transfers his anxiety to an obsession of painting butterflies, until he finds the dark cure for the butterflies in his stomach. 14 minutes Color . This film is currently in the film festival submission circuit. March 31, 2015