Power Couple Greenlight

Frank : A smooth talking business man that sees the bigger picture. His favorite book is ‘The Prince’. He is in a loving, and feisty marriage with Greg.

Greg: A perfectionist by every meaning of the word. He has a big heart filled with wanting to help the less fortunate. He also has a hard time forgetting those that have wronged him.

Janis: Frank and Greg’s live in house attendant. She doesn’t take any BS from anyone and is very protective over the couple.

Paul: Frank and Greg’s Assistant.

Mario: Bartender.

Chuck: Frank and Greg’s arch nemesis. He will stop at nothing to ruin Frank and Greg’s lives.

Jordan: A struggling gay artist who gets thrown into the fire of money and power.

Sophie: Jordan’s roommate who is over everything. Think ‘Daria’ from MTV.

David: A famous gay film director.

Chad: David’s assistant.

Tommy: Get’s accused of murdering David.

Jason: Tommy’s friend who also get’s accused of murdering David.

Series Bible – Gay Mafia – Power Couple – 13 Episodes

Episode 1:
Greg walks in on Frank in bed with another man, Mario. Greg seems more concerned with the fact that Frank just purchased a nightclub without consulting with Greg first. Frank apologizes, Greg then focus on the fact that Mario is in his husband’s bed and throws him out, handing him money and calls him a whore. Frank had just used Mario to challenge Greg’s idea about an open relationship. Frank’s live in house attendant, Janis, escorts Mario out of their estate. Mario is met by Chuck, an enemy of Frank and Greg’s, outside the gates and offers Mario an offer he can’t refuse.

Episode 2:
Greg is having a panic attack about the upcoming charity event. Paul, their assistant, is putting in extra work to make sure Greg can relax a little bit. Meanwhile, Frank reads news that his friend David, a well known gay film director, is under the spotlight after allegations of drugging and seducing minors in exchange for roles in his films.

Episode 3:
Paul invites Jordan, a struggling artist, to the charity event to network with some of the ‘Gay Mafia’. He gets excited and invites his roommate Sophie, who could give a flying fuck about networking even though she could use it. Frank tries to calm David down after the allegations against Greg’s wishes.

Episode 4:
Chuck dresses his new ‘friend for hire’ , Mario for the charity event. Chuck discusses his plans to knock Frank and Greg off of their high horse. A flashback of Chuck and Frank in a heated discussion that leaves everyone laughing at Chuck.

Episode 5:
Frank takes a mysterious phone call and has Paul wire someone some money. Greg hears this and let’s it go for now as he is still to busy wrapping up the final details for the party. Meanwhile, Janis is trying to keep a peaceful house and discovers a lump in her breast. She has a minor meltdown.

Episode 6:
In a funny episode we see Greg trying to make sure Frank dresses properly for the event. He is anal retentive about appearance and we see why these two make a perfect match for each other. Greg even hires a personal trainer for Frank which Frank thinks is ridiculous and sweet.

Episode 7:
Janis at the doctor’s office as she finds out she has Breast Cancer. She gets home and Frank notices something is wrong but she doesn’t say anything yet because she doesn’t want a damper on the event. Sophie and Jordan get dressed for the party. The party begins.

Episode 8:
Greg and David exchange sour words at the party until Greg realizes there is a bigger problem. Mario is at the party with Chuck. Greg has Mario escorted out of the party, but not before Mario and Jordan catch each other’s eyes and Jordan follows him out.

Episode 9:
Frank is stressed after talking to David and goes outside for some fresh air and meets Sophie. They get along and he offers Sophie a great bartending job at the new nightclub. Jordan catches up to Mario and they connect. David leaves the event and gets home, although he’s not alone, someone is in the house watching him.

Episode 10:
Greg and Frank recap a great event they just had. Janis is there and still being aloof. Back at David’s house, he gets killed by an unknown person. Police arrive and question his assistant.

Episode 11:
David’s murder is everywhere the next morning. Paul wakes up at Sophie’s house after a night of sex. Frank is distraught over the murder. Meanwhile, police knock at a young man’s, Jason, parents house they arrest him for questioning of David’s murder.

Episode 12: Jordan looks up Mario on Facebook and decides to go visit him at work. Greg does some snooping to find out who Frank wired money to. Jordan at Mario’s work, The Bar , discovers Mario has a boyfriend, so he leaves. As Jordan is walking out, he runs into Frank who offers to take him for a drink.

Episode 13:
Police are questioning Jason who points the finger at someone else. Greg meets Frank at the bar with Jordan. They suspect something strange is going on with their empire, so they hire Jordan to be a spy. Police knock at this shitty apartment with a young man scared out of his mind, he runs and grabs a gun and runs to the door. Cut to black. A gunshot is heard.